Eco-Friendly House 'Soft Washing'

 Is the exterior of your home looking dirty, dingy, and old? 

Power washing is one of the most effective ways to remove the dirt and grime that build up over time and boosts your curb appeal and increase property value. However, under no circumstances should you do it yourself or allow any unqualified person to point a power washer at your home because they're almost certain to damage your property. It takes professional with knowledge and skill to safely power wash a home in a way that is tough on grime and yet easy on the many types of exterior surfaces.

 At The Power Wash Pros, we use a low-pressure cleaning method called SOFT WASHING when we clean home exteriors. You can trust our highly trained and experienced technicians to not only use the right pressure, but also to clean at the proper distance. This ensures that we deliver maximum cleaning effectiveness without risk of damage to the surface.

Many years of experience have taught us   the best ways to thoroughly clean the  different types of exterior home surfaces such as: 

 Aluminum - Vinyl - Brick - Wood - Stucco - Stone